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Blue Rose Quartz (also known as Dusky Rose Quartz) is a rare variety of Rose Quartz which usually appears in shades of pale grey-blue to lavender, but can also form alongside regular pink specimens. Like its blush-colored cousin, Blue Rose Quartz is a stone of love, acceptance, and emotional healing associated with the Heart Chakra. It is a stone for soothing tensions, resentments, envy, and jealousy, because it inspires harmony and fidelity through emanations of pure and unconditional affection. This pure and long-lasting sense of connection is one that endures in all forms: romantic love, familial love, platonic love, and self love. Working with Blue Rose Quartz is a refreshing and enveloping experience, giving the sense of being welcomed and cherished by the Universe. It is a tender and nurturing stone, strengthening empathic and intuitive abilities as we become more attuned to those around us.


Sphere is about 3 inches

Blue Rose Quartz Sphere

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